Friday, October 15, 2010

Finally get it?

Things have actually been on the up and up since my last post. I can feel my attitude towards life in general just overall improving. I am slowly but surely understanding how I can actually live day to day without dealing with drama and being so damn negative. I will have to admit to myself that my mood was in the shitter for alot of reasons but especially since my last relationship ended. I honestly just have to get over it and accept the fact that things are different and will never be the same. Ehh its life right? I really have to stop being such a pussy and just get out there and live without worrying about anyone else.. haha i sound crazy but its the truth right? I mean I dont want to lose who I am.. I have always been the guy that had a great time with anyone I was with and always the guy to be impulsive and creative in any situation.. at least thats what I can get out of my own As far as my ex goes... well Shes my ex... did I take the breakup hard ? Yeah, of course.. we both invested a good amount of time in each other and just had a connection... but things change.. people make mistakes.. and life still goes on..just as long as you learn from your mistakes is what matters. I honestly feel like I have changed in alot of ways... I mean given I still can get angry at times and sometimes should really monitor how I react to certain situations... but maybe thats just who I am? I mean we cant all be extremely calm and collected all the time right? Anyways.. its Friday and Im going to see if I can get into anything interesting this weekend. Everyone have a great weekend as well and just remember to live and just be yourself no matter who likes it or not.

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