Thursday, October 14, 2010

Eating live fish? Why?

So today in school I came across a youtube video, showing people eating a live fish as a sashimi dish. They have all the garnishes set on the plate, its all decorated very nicely... then you have a fish that is still alive that people are eating. NOW... don't get me wrong I love Japanese food and sushi and all that but honestly what is the purpose of keeping the fish alive while you and your friends dig in? I mean as a culinary student and just well a regular consumer of fish, this appears to do nothing but put the fish through immense pain and suffering. I researched it just a little bit and found that many popular places mostly in Japan and korea, serve the fish this way to show how fresh it is....OK.. my problem with that is, well your fish will still be extremely fresh if it were killed just moments before serving. Now, I am not a vegetarian or anything like that. I am by all means a meat eater. I don't even get involved with peta stuff.. but to me, watching a life being taken away because your literally eating it alive is just well.... sick. Anyways that was my rant for today. If you want to check the video out yourself, you can find it @

If your sensitive to animals rights and all that, I don't suggest watching.. but hey its only fish right?

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